Monday, November 4, 2013

Job Posting

Globalization Program Manager

Sunnyvale, CA

Client is looking for a globalization  program manager with experience and exposure to technical writing and technology.  Will be responsible for overseeing the documentation and product globalization documentation.  Must have excellent writing skills, diplomacy and experience in Enterprise software companies interfacing with multiple departments.

For additional information, contact

Job Posting

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Pittsburgh, PA

For this senior Vice-President of Sales & Martketing role, the base salary is 200-250K plus commission plus equity in the company.  Looking for a senior sales executive consistently averaging over $2 million sales generation to grow, manage and expand a sales team for a translation vendor.  Candidate should have excellent sales and sales management experience.  Specialization with Life Science is a plus. 

For additional information, contact

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Job Posting

VP Sales and Marketing
Boston, MA

$ 200 - 250K OTE + equity compensation
This Language Services Provider (LSP) is growing rapidly.  Growth has created opportunity and the company is now looking for a VP, Sales and Marketing to come in and play a significant role.  Other changes afoot could create an even greater opportunity for the right individual. 

·        Language Services industry experience
·        Prior experience managing and growing small sales and marketing teams, 
       preferably in a VP role
·        Small company or start up experience, preferable in a senior management capacity
·        Operations experience is a plus

For additional details, contact Gary Lafave at

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Job Posting

Translation Project Manager/St. Paul, MN

We are looking for a translation project manager with two plus years managing translation projects, handling deadlines, keeping budgets, interfacing with clients and working with vendors.  Bilingual skills are desired.  This is a contract to hire position.  

For additional details, contact Eva Light:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Globalization QA roles

Many technology companies need bilingual people to provide linguistic testing for their localized software releases.  Oftentimes, technology companies such as Google, Cisco, Linked-in or eBay bring linguistic testers on for contract positions.  There is an additional ongoing need for globalization QA engineers to provide functional testing for both the internationalized and localized software.  The skillset is more technical.  There is often a need for experience with  tools automation, the ability to read code, debug, log bugs and even write test cases. 

Oftentimes, an L10n tester or i18n tester is a full time role and an important contributor to the globalization team.  If you would like to go in this direction, taking courses in test automation, programming languages or more focused training/coursework in localization or internationalization testing would be a good idea (see jobs ) .

Monday, September 30, 2013

Job Posting

Project Manager/MT  San Jose, CA

Our Enterprise E-Commerce client is looking for a Localization Project manager to oversee a team of linguists on an MT project. Also should have an understanding of Machine Translation and its different uses.  This is a full time position.

Please contact Gary Lafave at

Job Posting

Brazilian Portuguese QA Engineer  Woburn, MA

Our Fortune 100 client is looking for a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker to provide testing and debugging for the Portuguese version of their software.  Candidate has to be fluent in Portuguese and have some localization and testing experience.  This is a 3-6 month contract opportunity.

Please contact Gary Lafave at

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Language Service Providers You never heard of:

Many of the top 100 Language Service providers you have never heard of.  In this multi-billion dollar industry there are many companies that just work with the government, military or specialize in interpreting only.  If you look at the list below, there are many companies that ‘fly under the radar”

Common Sense Advisory has been tracking language service providers (LSPs) that make it to the Inc. 5000 ranking yearly since 2010. This year, 19 LSPs appear on the list (see table below), which is one fewer than last year.

Seven of these LSPs appear on our ranking of this year’s largest LSPs in the world: TransPerfect (number 3 in our ranking at “The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2013,” May13), Welocalize, (#8), CyraCom International (#20), Certified Languages International (#48), Global Language Solutions (#63), Geneva Worldwide (#87), and CETRA Language Solutions (#94). Two other companies from the Inc. list, Kinetic.theTechnologyAgency (named as only ‘Kinetic’ on the Inc. list) and InDemand Interpreting, appear on our regional ranking for North America (#29 and #30 respectively).

Five companies have made it to the Inc. ranking every year since 2010: TransPerfect, Welocalize, CyraCom International, CETRA Language Solutions, and Dynamic Language. The first four appear regularly on our rankings, too.

Inc. Rank
Language Service Provider
3-Year Growth Rate
Revenue in
US$ millions
Mid Atlantic Professionals TA/SSI
InDemand Interpreting
Global Language Solutions
Propio Language Services
Addison Group
CETRA Language Solutions
CyraCom International
Certified Languages International
1-Stop Translation USA
Universal Language Service
Geneva Worldwide
Dynamic Language

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call to Action

Sorry to interrupt the flow of globalization blogs…as part of the globalization community, would like to speak out against actions proposed by Obama.
If you have reservations about bombing Syria, please read on.  Please invest  five to ten minutes on some of the action items below.  With the internet there are many steps we can take that will have an impact.

My personal views:  diplomacy works, war does not.  Greater effort has to be taken with engaging allies in the region, engaging the UN Security Council, working with Congress.  The US can focus on relief efforts for the Syrian people, at a much lower cost than invading the country.  Have we not learned from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Action items:
--tweet the President your views @BarackObama
--Call the White house  comment line #202-456-1111
--Contact your Congress  (use this tool to find them: )
--Write a letter to your local paper
--Forward the action item list to friends via email, post on Facebook, Twitter
--Sign and circulate these petitions:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Funny Language Mistakes

Person A: Is this a big project?

 Person B:  No, but this is just the ice of the tipberg.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Importance of editing and proofreading your CV

Received a CV from a translator the other day, for his first job he put, “Private torturing to university students, and casual reviewing and translating…”  Obviously, a serious error which now discredits the translator completely.  We do find all kinds of errors on resumes, including grammar, spelling, syntax and formatting.

It is very worthwhile to engage an editor to review your CV to make sure it is error free.  Otherwise,  these errors can block your entry into a company.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Speed, Localization and SIMSHIP

Ten years ago, simultaneous shipment was coordinated around the new software release every 4-6 months.  Today, SIMSHIP happens weekly with companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook. (ref. )

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funny Language Mistakes

A recruiter, explaining to a candidate the history of the current company:   "We are an offspring of 'Company Name' (meant to say ‘offshoot’) I'll tell you in a shell what we do... "

Thursday, August 15, 2013

IMUG The International Multilingual User Group - Managing Your Localization Career

Mike Klinger will be one of the panelists(remote) talking on localization careers.  

Hope you can make it.

Managing Your Localization Career
Thursday, August 15, 2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

1950 Charleston Road
Bodega Bay Room
Mountain View, CA (map)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Translator Jobs

Latin American Spanish Translator 
San Jose, CA

We are looking for Latin American Spanish translators for a 6-12 month contract opportunity with a Fortune 500 technology client. Candidate should have 5 plus years of localization experience. Job responsibilities will include but are not limited to translating, proofing, and editing translations, graphics, user interface elements, and other site content. Will be working with developers, localization engineers and project managers. Will be responsible for working with QA to ensure localization issues are addressed before shipping live to site. For additional information, please contact Eva at

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Translator Jobs

Brazilian Portuguese Translator
San Jose, CA

We are looking for Brazilian Portuguese translators for a 6-12 month contract opportunity with a Fortune 500 technology client. Candidate should have 5 plus years of localization experience. Job responsibilities will include but are not limited to translating, proofing, and editing translations, graphics, user interface elements, and other site content. Will be working with developers, localization engineers and project managers. Will be responsible for working with QA to ensure localization issues are addressed before shipping live to site.

For additional information, please contact Eva at

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny Language Mistakes

        "Hey, what is TGIF?"
    "Thank God It's Friday"
      "What does it mean?"
     "Have a good weekend"
Globalization Management Career Path

People often ask me what is the career path for a manager in the globalization industry.  While it is not always a linear trajectory, there are often three levels on the client side.  L10n project managers who manage projects and not people.  They may move to L10n Program managers that manage L10n project managers.  The next step is managing the program managers and overseeing the globalization budget.  This person may have the title of Director or VP of Globalization.  The roles for client and vendor differ.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Great Blog!  Lots of interesting articles!

Building Brand Equity in International Markets with Human Translation

June 28, 2013 by Michael Kriz
Category: International Business
building-brand-equity-with-human-translationIf you’ve recently found yourself facing the reality that the future of your company’s growth lies in international markets, you’ve probably also wondered what the best method is for translating your products, services, and brand identity for all of those global consumers.
Odds are Googling your options hasn’t simplified things. Freelance linguists, professional translation agencies, “crowdsourced” translation portals, machine translation tools...there’s an ocean to navigate. (Even Google may have suggested you try Google Translate.) Much of this flood is driven by low-cost options, promising a relatively small investment is all it takes to open up your company to millions of potential customers around the world. Technology, it would seem, is working its magic, saving budgets, and connecting businesses to buyers at the click of a button.
In September there is an exciting new conference called Brand2Global.  We'll offer four tracks: Global branding, global marketing campaigns, global websites, and global social media.

Early bird registration ends 22 July.